'We don't have
to fall in love
Love will fall
on us from up

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Gathering in hometown Nijmegen

An unforgettable and lovely gathering in hometown Nijmegen: great musicians, a wonderful audience and a kick-ass, hands-on crew at the the 10 nov 2022 venue Rood Adeo @ BREBL Nijmegen. Thank you everyone for coming and enjoying the show! And chapeau to everyone who participated in making this evening a special one: Tessa Zoutendijk, Dion Nijland, Nikki Rutten, Maaike Teunissen, Godfried Verstegen, a.m.m. @ Brebl! Till next time!! x Rood


  • 06 - 01 - 2023 • 21:00
    Theaterkerk Bemmel TLC, Bemmel

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ROOD ADEO - Worn Love (2021 album clip)